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NEW YORK /PRNewswire: "On Maggie's Watch" NEW YORK/PRNewswire: "Lipstick in Afghanistan"

At last count, an estimated 41 total manuscripts are currently in the process of being reviewed by publishing house editors. More than 38% of total ms presented and discussed at length at our last events were requested, and 67% of all ms requested were requested by more than one editor. This high percentage is a result of intelligent project screening, great projects, attentive editors, and liberal applications of superb pitch craft.

Cate Holahan's DARK TURNS pitched at the NYC in Paula Munier's NYC mystery/thriller workshop and sold to Matt Martz at Crooked Lane, the new crime fiction imprint of Bookspan--two book deal. Publication set for 2015. Paula Munier, NYC faculty, representing Cate and DARK TURNS.

The pitch conference gets tons of credit for my pending publication. Plus, your advice on querying to only a few agents at a time, and Caitlin's editing all contributed to my good news. Publication set for early 2016! Thanks for putting it on and for encouraging scared newcomers like me.

- Angela Pisel, novel sold by Jill Marsal to Putnam


275 queries later, I attended the New York Pitch and by lunch of the first day I knew exactly why my novel had failed. By the end of the day, I had changed the title, made editorial changes to the story, and later, when time came to query, I employed the strategy recommended at the conference: research agents on Publisher's Marketplace and use the editors from the conference who requested manuscripts as leverage. Within one hour I received an email requesting a full manuscript from an agent at Trident Media. Six days later I received another email about my novel, THE ENIGMATOLOGIST, and requesting to discuss representation. Using what I learned at the conference, I was able to do in what week what I couldn't do in three years. I'm absolutely convinced that everything I learned at the conference is responsible for my success.

- Benjamin Adams, signed by Trident Media Agency

Tessa Woodward of Harper Collins has just added Kim Van Alkemade's novel ORPHAN NUMBER EIGHT to her list. The novel was pitched to her in Susan Breen's NYC Pitch workshop (women's fiction). Paula Munier of the NYC Pitch faculty is now the agent of record, the relationship brokered by Michael Neff, conference director. Publication date in 2015.

From A.X. Ahmad: When I started writing the first book, I went to a literary conference (New York Pitch), and was pitching editors the story, and they all wanted to know if this was a series, and of course, I said yes, and made up two more books on the spot ... I ended up getting a two-book deal, so then the project was to finish the revisions on the first book, and launch into the second. It was an intense writing experience ...

The Pitch Conference helped me constructively in channeling the information into a focused pitch, which I used successfully, and as a consequence, my novel, JERUSALEM MAIDEN, was published by HarperCollins! JERUSALEM MAIDEN is now in its sixth printing. Talia Carner was able to effectively launch this novel after working both her story and pitch with publishing professionals at the New York Pitch. As a bonus, HarperCollins Publishers has just bought her new novel, HOTEL MOSCOW, to be released in summer 2015! Set in Moscow in 1993 during the uprising of the Russian parliament against Yeltsin, HOTEL MOSCOW is both the story of the valiant Russian women going through transition after the fall of Communism."

I attended the New York Pitch in Dec. 2006. You (Michael Neff) and the editors I met at the Algonkian New York Pitch in 2006 gave me confidence and knowledge (sorely needed) to make publication a realistic goal... and now, 8 years later, it has finally happened! btw, I am a friend of Wendy Eckel's--she met you through my proselytizing about Algonkian.

- Susan Moger, novel sold by Kate McKean to Albert Whitman.

The Algonkian conference was pivotal in moving my career forward. While I went there thinking it was just a really cool way to meet publishing editors, it turned out to be a portal into so many other avenues of the publishing business. Because of the conference, I've signed with the agent of my dreams.

- Dave McMenamin, Signed by Talcott Notch Literary Agency

I wanted to pass along the good news that I signed with Writers House this week, and they'll be representing my novel "Tiny Dancer." I'm certain that I would not have gained their attention were it not for the vastly improved pitch I crafted at the NY conference in June. Susan, I remembered that you are with Writers House as well, so I was especially excited to tell you.

Thank you both so much for all of your help and invaluable advice! I couldn't be happier with the results thus far!


- Kelley McNeil, signed by Writers House

You may remember me participating then: I was in Charles' group - the cloak and dagger brigade - and my pitch was about a mystery set in WWII Sarajevo. I made a couple of successful pitches, one of them to Tom Colgan at Penguin, and I thought you'd like to know that I've since been offered a two-book deal with them. The first book should be coming out in June next year.

I thought it important to write to you because, without the opportunity afforded by the conference, I wouldn't have made the contacts I did.

- Luke McCallin

So pleased to share this news with you and extend my thanks once again for the career boost from the pitch conference: "Rosemary DiBattista's (writing as Rosie Genova) MURDER MARINARA, first in a new mystery series featuring a quirky Italian-American family and their restaurant on the Jersey Shore, to Sandy Harding at NAL, at auction, in a three-book deal, by Kim Lionetti at BookEnds.

- Rosemary DiBattista

I'm writing to say a long-overdue thank you! Now that I'm getting into the more tangible aspects - copyediting, cover designs, etc. - it's feeling more and more that this is real and it's actually happening, and really, I have you and your workshop to thank for getting the whole ball rolling ... And even now, all this time later, I'm still using the pitch that I wrote and worked on that weekend - a large portion of the cover copy is based on it.

- Gina Damico, author

Kim Boykin enticed three publishers, and inevitably, a strong agent as a result of the conference. THE WISDOM OF HAIR was signed by Marsal Lyon literary who in late December 2011 sold it to Berkley Books represented by Leis Pederson, a New York Pitch acquisition editor pitched by Kim at the conference. Commentary by Kim can be found here.

From Algonkian Writer Conference alum, Gillian Royes, re THE GOAT WOMAN OF LARGO BAY: "Did you get my news about being signed by Simon and Schuster? I followed the advice and, voila, I sold the rewritten novel! Thank you, thank you for the miracle! I couldn't have done it without you and editor Ginger Buchannan, I swear!"

New from NYC alum, Roberta Gately: "Though I already had an agent when I attended, the New York Pitch was my first writers' group and conference and there I found writer friends with whom I continue to stay in touch. The support and mentoring I found at the conference was invaluable. It wasn't just the writing tips, which were so valuable, but it was the sense of belonging. Our workshop leader gave each us a sense of what we needed to accomplish in order to realize our dreams. With the release of my first novel - Lipstick in Afghanistan - by Simon & Schuster, my dream is coming true.

Viking has recently acquired pitch conference novel (and Amazon Contest Placer), IN MALICE QUITE CLOSE, by Algonkian vet, Brandi Lynn Ryder. And she won't stop thanking us! Well, she will, but we're not sure when.

NYC Pitch/Algonkian veteran, Amy Satterfield, just had her novel, IS THAT ALL THERE IS PEGGY LEE?, picked up by literary agent Victoria Sanders. According to Amy, "Your conference gave me a sense of how to proceed, a really good pitch letter (it was the first thing Ms. Sanders commented on), and the confidence to go forward ..."

Berkley Books now informs us they have two books under contract from the NYC Pitch. The latest is an upscale fiction by by Katharine Britton (the title currently in flux). Thanks to agent Jennifer Unter for representing this fine novel to Jackie Cantor, Berkley editor.

"A small misstep derails several lives ..." David Klein's debut novel, Stash, from Broadway Books by way of the New York Pitch Conference. Now available from Amazon. This kind of success is habit forming. Thanks to David for his kind words in the acknowledgements.

The hits keep coming! New York Pitch Conference alum, Ann Garvin's novel, ON MAGGIE'S WATCH, was bought by senior editor Jackie Cantor at Berkley--a member of the NYC pitch faculty. NYC staff connected Ann with agent Eve Bridburg of Zachary Shuster Harmsworth, and following rewrites, the manuscript was reintroduced to Ms. Cantor, and the rest is history. Our huge congrats to Ann for all her talent and tenacity and we look forward to helping her promote her new work!

Sujatha Hampton's new novel, As it Was Written (formerly Evermore), is now available from Amazon. Congrats to Sujatha and Thomas Dunne Books. NYC Pitch take a bow! Read her views on GalleyCat concerning the NYC conference. Congrats Sujatha!

Randy Meyer's new novel, Murderer's Daughters (once Adopting Adults), is now available from Amazon. Congrats to Randy and her editor Hilary Teeman. HUGE CONGRATS to the NYC Pitch!

A flash from Loretta Marion, NYC alum, who has recently signed a contract with a major agent: "Agent Jill Grosjean requested to read my manuscript, ESCAPE TO LORELEI, one month ago. And today, I’m proud and excited to tell you that she is my agent ... Jill made a point of addressing the well written pitch and I was quick to mention the Algonkian event ... I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the NYC Pitch conference. What I learned from the experience is invaluable."

Meanwhile, networking news from NYC Pitch alum, Rosemary DiBattista (THE MARRIAGE PLOT): courtesy of a strong recommendation from an NYC editor-in-attendance who believed in her novel, Rosemary has just signed with Kim Lionetti at Bookends; and to quote from Rosemary's recent letter: "What I learned has been invaluble ... Without the conference, I'd be a full year behind where I am now in this process, sliding backwards down that steep learning curve."

In keeping with our mission to set writers on a realistic path to publication, the following writers attending Algonkian's NYC Pitch events have signed contracts with major publishing houses as a result of their attendance: Sujatha Hampton [EVERMORE - Thomas Dunne Books], Randy Susan Meyers [ADOPTING ADULTS - St. Martins], John Ford [THE MORGUE AND ME - Viking], Kate Gallison [THE EDGE OF RUIN - St. Martins], Christina Meldrum [MADAPPLE - Knopf], Will Lavendar [OBEDIENCE - Shaye Areheart], James Hayman [THE CUTTING - St. Martins], and Susan Breen [THE FICTION CLASS - Plume].

NYC alum, Kate Gallison will also be published by St. Martins. Her novel, THE EDGE OF RUIN, is a cozy historical about the efforts of an evil Thomas Edison to maintain control of the film business at any cost, even murder. Peter Rubie, an Algonkian faculty member, is the agent on the deal.

After honing her novel (WOLF IN THE ROAD) and pitch at Algonkian and the NYC, Jenny Milchman wrote and told us she is now represented by Elaine Markson agency. Congrats Jenny!

After working with conference faculty, Amy Hanson signed with Atchity Entertainment in Los Angeles. They will represent her novel WHAT NORMAL LOOKS LIKE. Joan Baril and Susan Sands, veterans of the same workshop, have signed with the Larsen-Pomada Agency in San Francisco as a direct result of networking with Algonkian Conferences. Congrats! ... Futhermore, Rachel Willen, NYC Pitch attendee, has signed with Levine Greenburg Literary Agency while Amy E. Fischer has signed with Emily Kim of the Prospect Agency.

At last, a flash photo gallery of NYC greats. Pics of Ripley Greer studios, pitch sessions in progress, AMERICAN IDOL day, group pics, + faces showing large amounts of teeth. To the left we have Charles Salzberg being flirtacious with Emmy winner Cindy Roesel.

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It started with a literary novel, "The Fiction Class" by Susan Breen. Going into 2015, the New York Pitch has assisted and networked writers into dozens of agent and publishing contracts. Tin House and Squaw Valley, MOVE OVER! More information can be found on our news page

Interview with New York Pitch Conference attendee, best-selling author Pam Binder. Two of the four editors I met with asked to see my work and the other two were very interested ... I credit the reception of all four editors to the pitch. It generated questions which helped me explain in more detail the vision of the project.  

What if - Do one exercise a day from "What If?" and you'll be writing for more than a third of a year. The book is packed with 115 exercises. Indispensable.

The Art of Fiction - Because Gardner strives for "higher art", his musings and instructions for the beginner go much deeper than ordinary how-to books. A must for all novel writers.

Bird by Bird - Lamott's suggestion on writing the novel is down-to-earth: worry about the characters, not the plot. Writing is more rewarding than publication. Easy for her to say?

New York Pitch Conference

Interview with New York Pitch Conference attendee, Randy Susan Meyers. The critique isn't for the faint of heart, but is for those who truly want to hear where they need to work on their presentation, how commercial their ideas are, and about the effectiveness of their pitch  

Interview with New York Pitch Conference attendee, author Kate Gallison. Her second mystery series featured Mother Lavinia Grey, an Episcopal priest in a small town in New Jersey struggling to keep her church open and solve the occasional murder ... 

Interview with New York Pitch Conference attendee, Madhu Ghosh. This conference is very different from others in that it is what it says it is. Most conferences try to cram in craft lectures with readings and then interviews with editors and agents, which can get chaotic and confusing.  

Interview with New York Pitch Conference attendee, writer Sara Beth Jonassen. Sara Beth has workshopped extensively with The Writer's Studio in NYC. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University at Albany, where she studied with author Laura Marello (winner of the Aniello Lauri Award for Fiction).

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